The Oban Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre opened in 1989 offering Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to people with MS. The Centre is a member of the MS National Therapy Centres whose aim is to give a quality service and where the staff and volunteers are highly trained. We encourage everyone to participate in the activities at the centre and to share information.

We have an MS Nurse who visits the Centre regularly providing information and advice on a one to one basis or in a group session which can result in lively and humorous banter.

We have a physio room used by alternative therapy practitioners. A Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the centre. There are two part-time staff members:-

Manager: Sandra Owens
Assistant Manager: Amanda King

We have approximately 25 volunteer operators who are trained to operate the Hyperbaric Chamber. Their support is invaluable to the running of the centre. We always welcome more volunteers.

Liz Crawford is our volunteer MS assistant. She interviews the new clients, records their symptoms and how they cope with every day tasks. During the 20 sessions she will follow up on the client’s progress.

The MS Centre is situated within a short distance from the town centre, with free parking.

Registered Office 252 Union Street, Aberdeen,
Registered Company No. 115820, Scottish Charity No. SCO16889