In a perfect world, the NHS would have time and resources to give everyone with Multiple Sclerosis the opportunity to help control their symptoms with their own choice of additional therapies, such as HBO.

Some of our members, who travelled in the early 80’s to Dundee and Maryhill, Glasgow, to receive HBO therapy, realised the lack of access to HBO therapy, support, information and advice for people with MS, their families and carers in Oban and surrounding areas. They set about recruiting family and friends to make up a very determined group of volunteers to help fundraise to build a Multiple Sclerosis Therapy centre here in Oban.

Their hard work and great determination, along with the fantastic support of Oban folk, local businesses, donations and grants, culminated in the opening of our MS Centre in 1989.

The centre soon became a hub of activity and people with MS from Oban and many surrounding areas began attending for HBO therapy. It became apparent that we needed to expand our centre, adding a room for physiotherapy and alternative therapies etc. The extension was opened in 1998 after being awarded Lottery Funding.

We are an active and busy centre with a friendly group of volunteers, and lots of laughter, adding to a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The Oban MS Centre covers a wide catchment area in including the Isle of Mull. The time of the treatments accommodate the timetable for the Cal Mac ferry which is only a few minutes drive from the Centre.

Cups of tea and friendly chat are all part of our warm welcome.

Oban MS Centre